About me:

I am 43; soon to be 44 and the father of 5 wonderful kids.  The oldest is 11 and the youngest is 7 months; my wife and I both work fulltime jobs.  She's a property manager for a large apartment complex near Boston and I am a Medical Sales Manger.  We live in a 1758 Colonial that needs constant attention...Needless to say we live a busy life.

In my free time I cook, woodwork, do electrical, general science and engineer my way around our lives.  So much so that my friends and family encouraged me to start this website to share how we do it all.

The plan is to post weekly, either with a video project or an "instruct able".  On top of that, I will be posting journal entries of my thoughts and things that I find interesting.

Hope to see all you online



Recent updates:

Pizz Time! New Video in "Projects" 3 Minute video on making Pizza"

New video in "Projects"

"Interesting stuff"... Text Adventure is open source, Parenting time, and Drive Ins  Check it out!